We are pleased to welcome You on pages of our site. Here You can learn more about the technology of insulation of polyurethane foam, its application in construction and engineering. We have over 20 years of experience using this technology. We have more than 600000m2 insulated surfaces done by our specialists since 1997 year

20 years of
600+ projects
600 000+ m2
5 years warranty

Do you need to improve the insulation performance of a building or structure?

Your task — our solution: spray polyurethane foam!

Why spray polyurethane foam?

The longterms of the insulationnot less than 30 years
Money savingCan reduce over 80% or more of heat loss by minimizing heat transfer
Fire safety InsulationDoes not support combustion
High speed of application up to 1000м² per day
Does not require fasteners The polyurethane foam has 100% adhesion to almost all building materials
Low coefficient of thermal conductivity0,02-0,031 W/M*К
Does not absorb waterWaterproof, biologically neutral, resistant to microorganisms, mildew, rot and rodents
Has no seamsSeamless coverage "thermos", without cold joints and cracks
Can be applied on any SurfaceHorizontal, vertical, curved Surfaces
UniversalityPolyurethane foam at the same time is thermal- noise insulation and waterprotection
High acoustic protection
Used in a wide range of temperaturesfrom -50°c to +150°C

How does it work?

The method of spray polyurethane foam  is developed taking into account all of the shortcomings of traditional insulation materials. Seams, voids, uneven filling are forgotten with us — only a continuous coating.

Walls, roof and other construction — polyurethane foam is applied with a layer of desired thickness on the surface of any configuration and allows you to design without any restrictions.

Metal, concrete, brick, plastics — insulation provides excellent adhesion with all known materials and its arrangement does not require the use of fasteners.

Polyurethane foam — the material in which will never inhabit microorganisms.

Foam insulation is ideal for residential buildings, because it does not emit harmful substances: tested and confirmed by foreign and domestic laboratories.

Cold, noise or high humidity — insulation of the new generation as effectively cope with adverse impacts of climatic and anthropogenic origin.

The life of the material — more than 30 years. Spray polyurethane foam is the best heat, hydro and sound insulation, has no weaknesses!

Who does the work?

Professionals with experience in the application of this technology for over 15 years. Full documentary support: patents, certificates, routing. Guarantee — 5 years. Still using the outdated heater? It is time  for sprayed polyurethane foam!

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